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    January 2024 - fx(hash)

    The idea of EX-LIBRIS emerged only days before my pilgrimage to the Artblocks Marfa Weekend in September. What began as an intent to craft exquisite bookmarks for a select circle swiftly transformed into a revelation of the creative potential within this seemingly modest format. From this first batch only 32 bookmarks came into existence. These bookmarks, meticulously designed and infused with the desire to learn, served as more than placeholders within pages. They encapsulated a narrative of artistic exploration, self discovery and interpersonal connections. It was in this moment of realization that the decision to immortalize this project on the blockchain took root. The EX-LIBRIS project stands as a testament to the union of creativity and the possibilities made possible by blockchain technology. Each bookmark, a work of art in its own right, represents a fragment of this creative journey. With an ethos of uniqueness and individuality, each holder will have the opportunity to redeem their bookmark (or set) after minting, offering a tangible and signed testament to this unique artistic endeavor. EX-LIBRIS encapsulates the essence of a moment in time, where I found my tribe as an artist and transformed into an enduring testament to art's evolution—an ode to tradition, knowledge, innovation, and the limitless horizons of art in the digital age.

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  • Jeu de Ligne

    June 2023 -

    'Jeu de ligne' is a generative artwork that uses particles, movement, and constraint. As the initial composition glides across the canvas, columns and rows emerge from the particles getting trapped on the margin.

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  • Exhibit-A

    Mai 2023 -

    This collection features 10 artworks made in pair by 5 different algorithm. This collection was exhibited at La Korrigane in Quebec City during the summer of 2023. All pairs of artworks uses Perlin Noise as the main algorithmic foundation and shows how a similar techniques can yield such different results.

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