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Hi i’m

Jonathan Barbeau

I am a generative artist and web developer based in Quebec, Canada.


As a child, I developed a keen interest in science and the wonders of the natural world, although artistic pursuits didn't come naturally to me. Due to struggles with my handwriting, drawing wasn't a significant part of my childhood. However, everything changed when I made the decision to learn coding in my mid-twenties. During my college years, I had a exploratory course that gave student freedom in what they wanted to learn, allowing me to explore any subject within the realm of computer science and web development. Intrigued by the HTML5 canvas, a tool whose purpose remained elusive to us at the time, I delved into its study.

his exploration led me to the captivating realm of Generative Art, which beautifully blends science, art, and design. Instantly captivated, I became deeply immersed in this field and officially began creating and sharing my artwork on Instagram in 2018. Initially, it served as a personal exercise to foster a habit of creation instead of consumption. Little did I anticipate that my creations would resonate emotionally and visually with others.

Motivated by my deep need for exploration, learning and the need for self-expression, I use Javascript to delve into mathematical, scientific, aesthetic, and emotional concepts. Through my work, I often merge the laws of order and the chaos of anarchy—two contrasting forces that intriguingly coexist in the natural world. By incorporating a touch of randomness, each new generative piece brings excitement, as I never know exactly what the outcome will be.